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    July 2019
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Want to delve into the roots of modern sport, where the pleasures of movement and the mastery of physical requirements as well as moral commitment converge together to form one?

We invite you to join us on a journey to discover a remarkable educational tool whose simple, clear and accessible form relies on academic reflection through a tried and tested teaching.

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29 Juin 2019

  • Place : Londres
  • Session : 11h00
  • Price : 10€ per person
  • Level : Soft


Custom training

Adaptable program

Energize ?

Our method has been specifically conceived for those who want to stay fit and improve their health, without generational barriers. To work the body and mind is paramount. To start or get back into sport: this is the secret to keeping fit!
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Boost your employees through coaching. This allows to create a link and bring a brand new dynamic to your business as well as determine an internal and external corporate image.

Our offer can positively contribute in reinforcing the internal image of a company. This is achieved through the development of the corporate identity and strengthening of your company’s reputation. Sport can also be useful to the external corporate image by sending a clear message of your company’s products and/or services to potential clients.


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0153nisWe offer physical activities tailored to the ability of each individual, his or her physical capacities and intellectual maturity. Our classes differentiate according to the required benefits of the public, even if everyone is seeking the same end goal: “the individual’s health”. This process is not to change someone’s personality or to seek to preach a model based on “truths”. Rather it is designed to, over time, create conditions that will lead to the individual finding their own goals and choosing his or her own performances. Thus, each individual is freely able to choose to engage, without being pressurised or persuaded against their will. Our offer is one that is flexible and allows a constant progression along with self-control.


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Discovery Deal

40 €/session*
Discovery offer
  • 4 sessions of one hour
  • Goals :
  • Psychological and physical stimulations. The learning of sport in good conditions. This pack is advised to the people who desire having a support and discover the personal training.
  • Validity period : 3 months
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Discovery couple offer
  • 4, one hour session
  • Goals :
  • Do you want pratice sport in couple ? This pack is designed for you.
  • Dynamic exercises will stimulated your bodies.
  • Share a good moment and do sport togheter.
  • Validity period : 3 months
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Découverte Spécial Seniors
  • 4, one hour session
  • Goals :
  • This pack is advised to person aged from 55 years old and more.
  • Regular physical exercises maintain your osseous mass, balanced exercises your posture.
  • No aggresive moves to your body.
  • Tone up and maintain your physical and psychological fitnesses by playful and suit exercises.
  • The physical activity remains the most effective against the noxious effects of the age on the cognitive health.
  • The best way to stay in tip top shape.
  • Validity period : 3 months
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